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Diagnostic Service


Diagnostic Service in Roanoke, Texas

Unlike vintage cars, the cars of today are complicated with their use of computer systems. Many systems within your car are all supported and run by your car’s on-board computer. When that computer senses or detects a problem with one of those systems, the computer turns on a light in your dashboard.

While a lot of people see the lights as annoying, it’s important to take note of the light as it could be a serious indicator that there are problems in the background, whether or not you notice anything different with how your car is running.

The technicians at Scotty’s Automotive Repair have the newest, up-to-date equipment to properly diagnose the code that your car’s on-board system details and will accurately pinpoint the issue. After we find the exact issue, we’ll contact you and let you know, making sure that we detail the processes we will go about to fix the issue , including any parts, labor, and total cost. We want to make sure we are as upfront as possible, so you don’t have any sticker shock when you come to pick up your car.

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